9 Ways “Goblin” Schooled Us In Bromance

Goblin” may have concluded its epic run, but it has neither left our memories nor our hearts. One of the biggest reasons this drama moves us is because of the bromance between Kim Shin, played by the riveting Gong Yoo, and Wang Yeo, played by the mesmerizing Lee Dong Wook. This friendship between two immortal beings is full of the things we love about bromance like goofy bickering, but it also contains a little something more — something of the fantastical. Let’s take a look at nine times this bromance had us dead.

Doorbells are scary

When you’re an immortal whose age has the word “hundred” in it and you tend towards hermit-like isolation even in a bustling city like Seoul, sounds like doorbells can be terrifying. When it rings, it is absolutely necessary to jump a mile into the air. In your world, doorbells don’t get used; you magically breeze through closed doors like a ghost.

Drinking buddies

There is no better drinking buddy than one who can chill a beer or hard boil an egg with his hand. Making use of these handy powers while commiserating and chatting about girls with another handsome immortal of many years is a requirement in “Goblin.” And when the bromance breaks out in a little spat, the goblin’s and grim reaper’s powers come in handy for stealing your buddy’s beer or playing a quick game of telekinetic knife fighting.


If you’re feeling down because you’ve lived 900 years and still can’t figure out how to flirt with a girl, you’re equally clueless buddy will offer you hugs. If you’re the buddy, watch out in case your lovelorn friend wields a gigantic AF sword.

Good friends make you laugh

If you’re a goblin and a grim reaper who have signed a reluctant co-habitation contract (that was almost burned to ashes) and refuse to admit enjoying each other’s company, the only correct response to a humorous quip is reluctant laughter.

No boundaries

Close friends share everything, including space. Skinship is welcome despite outward protests. For a goblin and a grim reaper, daily doses of closeness keep the cute bickering alive and the magic on viewers’ screens. Please don’t forget to say those three special words. They mean the world to a lonely goblin.


Revenge is pretty sweet for a goblin. After a pesky bromantic quarrel, remember to light a grim reaper’s veggies on fire. It makes him all hot and bothered. The hugging can then come later.

The strut

Saving the world is no easy feat, but boy do Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook make it look good. Dressed in black, these tall, dashing immortals show us how to stroll like models down a darkened street to save the girl, defining words like “cool” and “sexy” by merely breathing.

The bromance mocks itself

gobling_strut2 goblin_grocHAPPY%20NEW%20YEAR%20GIF_zpshssuq8ss

With the wind in their hair and their beautiful faces basking in the tunnel light, these two gentlemen recreate their epic walk while holding bags of groceries — and then they are rudely and hilarious interrupted by a delivery man on a scooter. If they can joke at their own expense, so can you!

Friends before filming


And before all this on screen bromance started, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook became close buddies in the army. They were meant to be!

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