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What do we do now that “Goblin” is over?



As I’m preparing my mind and heart to finally say goodbye and let go of the hit tvN drama “Goblin,” I realize that there are a lot of things it has taught me. It’s really not just a love story and K-drama. There are many things about it that we can take with us forever. Here’s a look at just some of the lessons that this one-of-a-kind drama has brought to light.

Warning: Spoilers inside

1. True love is patient and loyal


As the goblin wanders through the wilderness for nine years, there is not a second that passes where he doesn’t think about his love Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun). Talk about loyalty! Even after this, the goblin waits 30 years after Eun Tak’s death for the reincarnation of his bride. His patience and willingness to be with his one true love was unwavering and inspiring to watch.


2. Cherish the time you have with loved ones


Although it was a very obvious lesson, this drama served as a simple reminder to not take our own lives and the lives of loved ones for granted. Almost every episode had a recurring theme of someone dying and leaving their loved ones behind. It was saddening, but it was also encouraging in the sense that it reminded us to cherish the moments and time we have with those loved ones. Even the lifetime that Ji Eun Tak has with her goblin seems inadequate, especially considering the fact that the goblin is immortal. Here’s to more flowers and less rain.

3. Dogs DO go to heaven!

If heaven exists, I would want dogs to be there.

…I’m not crying, you’re crying!

4. Opposites attract

The goblin and grim reaper are the epitome of bromance and have pretty much taken the cake in terms of being one of the best bromances in K-drama history. What was entertaining about this unlikely pair was how different they were in their opinions about life and death, yet they somehow still managed to become besties. Just because they’re different doesn’t mean they can’t love each other!


5. A mother’s unconditional love


Although Ji Eun Tak’s mother died early on in the series, she had a constant overarching presence throughout it. The symbolic red scarf and the fact that her mother’s best friend ended up taking care of Eun Tak, unable to cross over to the other side, was emotional to say the least. This aspect was so powerful in showing how much Eun Tak’s mother loved her and how she wanted her to be secure and looked after when she was gone. It was so heartbreaking, but comforting.


6. Forgiveness

The grim reaper did some bad things in his past life. A lot of bad things that affected the people he came to know and love. While wallowing in regret and sorrow, he asked the goblin for forgiveness and instead of staying angry at him, the goblin forgave the grim reaper. If the goblin didn’t forgive him, the grim reaper would have lived in loneliness and anger forever. I root for the bromance.


7. The goblin and grim reaper are not so scary after all

All those childhood years of being scared of these supernatural monsters were totally unnecessary. If I had watched this drama when I was younger, I wouldn’t have been scared of all those monsters that were hiding under my bed, especially if they looked like this:

Nothing to be scared of, right?

Sigh. Thanks for the laughs, tears, and lessons learned. Goodbye “Goblin” (for now, anyway).


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