Watch: Gong Yoo Says “Goblin” Isn’t Over Just Yet, Teases Upcoming Special Episodes

Even though tvN’s “Goblin” is technically over, Gong Yoo and the rest of the cast recently reminded viewers to stay tuned for two new special episodes!

The production team previously revealed that “Goblin” will be airing two special episodes on February 3 and 4 at 6:40 p.m. KST. The specials will be featuring bloopers, interviews, and more with the cast of the drama.

Two trailers for the specials have also been released. The first trailer began with Gong Yoo, saying, “Everyone, your ‘Goblin’ days are not over yet.” The trailer went on to show behind-the-scene clips of the main cast laughing and goofing off on set, and ended with Gong Yoo as he said, “And I thought it was all finished. This is perplexing.”

In the second trailer, Gong Yoo asked, “Are things like outtakes going to be released?” to which Lee Dong Wook replied, “Everything is going to be released.” Yoo In Na also joined Lee Dong Wook at the end as the two actors cutely reminded viewers to tune in to the upcoming specials.

Meanwhile, watch “Goblin” on Viki exclusively in Europe!


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