Huh Gak Confesses His Love For “Goblin” And Wishes He Could Have Sung An OST

Huh Gak revealed that he was a huge fan of tvN’s “Goblin.”

During a listening session that was held for his fifth album, Huh Gak opened up about going toe to toe with the OST of “Goblin” on various online music charts.

Huh Gak said, “It’s true that I was very nervous while preparing this album. I really enjoyed ‘Goblin.’ I loved watching it so much that I would post about it on social media.”

He added, “It was a drama I really liked, and I decided not to worry about it too much. I released this album because I felt like the time was right, not because I thought out when I should release music and what dates I should avoid.” Stating that his new album is perfect for the current weather, Huh Gak said, “I didn’t worry that much about it [competing against “Goblin” OST] because I wanted to get back on stage and sing for you as soon as I could.”

He stated, “On some sites, my music is doing better on the charts than the OST for ‘Goblin,’ and that’s a big honor. Both the drama and OST were very popular, and I sometimes wondered why I wasn’t invited to sing a song.”

Huh Gak concluded with, “Usually when I release a song, I stay up till 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning to check the charts, and I’m very grateful [for the current results.] It makes me realize that I’m still loved very much.”

If Huh Gak had sung for the OST of “Goblin,” which scenes do you think his music would have been used for?

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