Eric Nam Surprises Everyone With The Last Time He Kissed Someone

Singer Eric Nam has revealed the last time he kissed!

Eric Nam featured on the February 2 episode of the tvN show “Life Bar,” his first after joining the show as an MC. The show returned with a new concept as the first R-rated show on television and it did not disappoint with this broadcast.

When asked about the last time he had a kiss, Eric Nam at first was surprised and stammered, “How am I supposed to answer this?” However, he then said, “I’ll answer honestly. It’s within the last week,” shocking everyone at how recent it was.

Actress Yoon So Yi, after hearing that Eric Nam does not have a girlfriend, then questioned if he had kissed someone at a club. Eric Nam responded, “Do you kiss people at clubs?” Undeterred, Yoon So Yi then replied, “Then if you didn’t go to a club, where did you kiss someone?”

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