Byul Congratulates Rain On His Recent Marriage To Kim Tae Hee

Singer Byul recently took to Instagram to congratulate her friend and former colleague Rain on his recent marriage to actress Kim Tae Hee.

On February 6, she posted a photo of herself and Rain at a restaurant with a few other friends. In the caption, she wrote, “Last night we couldn’t stop laughing.”

In the hashtags, she added the name of the restaurant and the context for the meeting, as well as a congratulatory message for Rain. One of the hashtags said, “JYP alumni reunion,” referencing the fact that Byul and Rain had previously been signed to JYP Entertainment.

The congratulatory hashtag read, “Ji Hoon, congratulations. Welcome to the world of married life. Next time, bring your wallet. Haha.”

Rain and Kim Tae Hee were married in January. Meanwhile, Byul and her husband Haha announced that she was pregnant with her second child this past October.