Watch: Red Velvet Takes 1st Win For “Rookie” On “The Show,” Performances by Niel, APRIL, And More

Red Velvet has grabbed their first trophy for “Rookie”!

SBS MTV’s music show “The Show” returned after a two-month hiatus with a new episode on February 7.

In this week’s episode, Red Velvet went up again APRIL and Huh Gak for the win, and took the first place trophy with a total score of 9,121 to APRIL’s 6,787 and Huh Gak’s 6,482. The members thanked everyone for the win, and explained that Joy was unable to attend the ending because she was filming her upcoming drama. They then performed an encore of “Rookie” with an extra dose of cuteness, as they promised!

Watch their performance and win below!

Other performances this week were by Teen Top’s Niel, APRIL, Huh Gak, B.I.G, BP RANIA, DreamCatcher, MASC, Voisper, VROMANCE, SONAMOO, Shin Ji Hoon, Shin Hyun Woo, I, WALWARI, INA, TopSecret, High Soul, and Hello Venus.

Check out many of them below!

Niel – “Love Affair”

APRIL – “April Story”

B.I.G – “1.2.3”

TopSecret – “She”

Hello Venus – “Mysterious”

SONAMOO – “I Think I Love U”

I – “I Wish”

Shin Hyun Woo – “I Live Because I Can’t Die”

DreamCatcher – “Chase Me”

MASC – “Tina”

BP Rania – “Start a Fire”

High Soul – “I Love You Love You”

Voisper – “Learn to Love”

INA – “Rainbow”

Congrats to Red Velvet on their first win for “Rookie”!

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