Jeon Somi Starts Her Own Instagram Account

JYP Entertainment’s young star Jeon Somi has launched her own Instagram!

Jeon Somi, who is best known as a former member of the hit temporary girl group I.O.I and a host of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” joined Instagram recently and has already shared two videos and a cute collage of selfies.

Her first video features her fellow cast members of the season season of “Sister’s Slam Dunk” hanging out together and jokingly “introducing” each other to viewers ahead of the new season’s premiere on Friday. Her fellow cast member Minzy also shared the video to her own Instagram, as well as followed Jeon Somi’s new account.

In the caption to the second video on her Instagram, Jeon Somi expressed her excitement about having launched her account. She also explained that she was eating fried chicken, dumplings, and kimchi fried rice with her fellow I.O.I member Choi Yoojung in the video, and said she thinks it was after the group’s second concert.

She has also encouraged fans to tune in to “The Show” live with some adorable selfies.

Jeon Somi’s fans have previously been able to catch her often on Instagram through her younger sister’s account, and her sister has confirmed that Jeon Somi has now started this official new account of her own.