Watch: BEAST’s Lee Gikwang And Son Dongwoon Don’t Let Health Complaints Or Formal Speech Get In The Way Of Their “Celebrity Bromance”

BEAST’s Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dongwoon have begun their journey on “Celebrity Bromance!”

The close friends and groupmates are the latest friendship to be showcased on the MBC MBig TV show. When asked to describe each other in an interview, Dongwoon said, “He’s like a close older brother, a close friend, and a close business partner. He’s more than just a member. But when we lived together we didn’t meet often, so I want to take this opportunity to make more memories together.”

They began their first episode by meeting at a brunch cafe. Although their talk started off normally, they started talking about their health, from the vitamins they take to the problems they’ve had with dieting and working out in the past.

With the exception of Dongwoon, who is the youngest, all the members of BEAST are considered the same age. During the episode, Lee Gi Kwang expressed surprise that despite their 13-year relationship, Dongwoon has never used informal speech to him and the other members.

“I don’t think that using formal or informal speech is a marker of closeness,” Dongwoon said. “If I used formal speech, I thought that there might be an unpleasant nuance and people’s feelings would be hurt.”

lee gi kwang son dongwoon

Just before they head off on their trip to Everland, they compared driver’s license pictures and went on a trip down memory lane.

You can watch the episode (with English subtitles) here!

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