Yang Yoseob Explains Why There’s No Point Asking Idols About Their Dating Status

On the February 9 episode of “Life Bar,” Yang Yoseob addressed the sensitive yet frequently discussed topic of idols’ romantic relationships during his guest appearance.

When the hosts asked whether he has a girlfriend, Yang Yoseob said firmly, “I don’t think you necessarily need to ask questions regarding an idol’s love life. (They will all reply) that they don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend.”

The singer added, “I believe this is a courtesy that idols should uphold. There are times when we (idols) don’t have a partner, and there are other times when we do.”

Then, Yang Yoseob amusingly answered the hosts’ original question, saying “I don’t have a girlfriend right now,” and demonstrated an example of the exact case he’d just explained.

Do you agree with his sentiments?

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