Yang Yoseob Makes BEAST Proud On “Life Bar”

The PD of tvN’s “Life Bar” was so impressed by BEAST’s Yang Yoseob that he now wants all of BEAST to come on the show as guests.

In the February 9 broadcast of “Life Bar,” the show ‘upgraded’ its talks to Rated-R material. The show’s PD stated that much of what was talked about during the actual filming of the episode was edited out for broadcast purposes because it was too inappropriate. He added, “As the episode consisted of six men sitting around and talking comfortably about whatever they wanted, there were a lot of inappropriate jokes going around.”

Actor Yoo Joon Sang was a guest on the show and his “The Days” musical co-star Yang Yoseob made a late appearance on the show as well. As the youngest guest on the show, Yang Yoseob brought a different kind of energy to the show. The PD called Yang Yoseob a “bright and intelligent” person who “changed [his] view on idols.” He added that Yang Yoseob’s sincere approach to acting was impressive and that he would like to invite Yang Yoseob and the rest of BEAST to the show one day.

tvN’s “Life Bar” is a show in which guests drink and talk together. The show broadcasts weekly on Thursday at 11 p.m. KST.

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