Former Co-Stars Girl’s Day’s Minah And Seo Hyo Rim Send Drink Support To Set Of Namgoong Min’s “Chief Kim”

The friendship between these former castmates is so endearing to see!

On February 11, a special gift arrived on the set of KBS2’s “Chief Kim” for its main actor, Namgoong Min.

To provide energy and support for the busy cast and crew, Girl’s Day’s Minah and Seo Hyo Rim sent a coffee truck as a warm gesture. They previously worked with Namgoong Min on SBS’s “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim.”

Namgoong Min

Cleverly, their banner made reference to both of Namgoong Min’s past and current dramas, and said, “If the Kong Sisters pay for the coffee, will the Chief award us with North Gyeongsang Province?” The coffee truck appears to have been stocked with other drinks as well, as another message stated, “To you who’s become tired of coffee.”

Namgoong Min relayed his thoughts, and said, “Thank you to Minah and Seo Hyo Rim for encouraging me despite being busy themselves. With your added support, I will work even harder while filming.”

“Chief Kim” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it exclusively on Viki!Watch

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