SBS Show Reveals Actual Location Where tvN’s “Goblin” Filmed The Restaurant Scene

The actual location of a scene from tvN’s “Goblin” has been revealed!

On February 14, SBS’s “Late Night Entertainment News” (tentative title) revealed the location where Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo filmed the nice restaurant scene.


As the drama became more popular, many viewers grew curious of the restaurant’s location. While many scenes from “Goblin” were filmed in Quebec, Canada, the SBS show revealed that the restaurant scene was actually filmed in Cafe Zino, a cafe that is located in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

The cafe owner described Cafe Zino as “an exotic building reminiscent of a British museum in London.” Completely surrounded by nature and mountains, Cafe Zino is a classy cafe complete with a grand piano, a Christmas tree, and a variety of desserts and drinks to choose from. The cafe even has a second floor, allowing visitors to have fun exploring the building.

The new curator commented, “It’s like I’ve become Gong Yoo. I think a lot of people come to this place to experience that similar feeling.”

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