Super Junior’s Shindong Clarifies Misconceptions About His Dating Life

Super Junior member Shindong brought up a common misconception that the public has about him and explained its causes.

Shindong guested on the February 15 episode of the MBC variety show “Radio Star” and revealed that since he has had two public dating relationships, he is now known “Hasty Junior.”

Kim Gura asked him, “You have had two public relationships right?” to which he answered, “It’s not that I intended to go public with them, but yes twice. I did not say that I was going to get married.”

Kim Guk Jin tried to corner him into a response, saying, “I heard you regretted this, saying ‘I should’ve just gotten married,'” but Shindong wasn’t tricked, responding, “Huh?”

Shindong continued, “Its because of a video message that I had done previously. I said that our parents were going to meet together,” referring to a prior episode of “Strong Heart” when he revealed that his parents and the parents of his then-girlfriend had decided to meet each other the following week.

He explained about that incident, saying, “When I mentioned that our parents were meeting, it wasn’t that we had already decided upon a date but just that I was going to meet the parents. I think I was too young then to understand the meaning of those words. But after the broadcast went out, they said that it was burdensome for them and didn’t meet.”

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