Watch: Red Velvet Takes 7th Win For “Rookie” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By NCT Dream, SF9, And More

Red Velvet has won another first place trophy with their new song “Rookie”!

On February 16’s episode of “M!Countdown,” Red Velvet’s “Rookie” went up against Akdong Musician’s “Last Goodbye” for the win. Red Velvet took first place with a score of 10,903 to Akdong Musician’s 4,454. This is their seventh trophy for the track, beating their personal record of six music show trophies for the songs “Ice Cream Cake” and “Russian Roulette.”

It’s been a while since Joy has been able to join her fellow members for the ending of a music show, as she’s had to leave to film her upcoming drama, so it was a nice change to see her at the end today! Joy thanked their agency staff and everyone who’s helped them to get where they are now. Wendy added, “It’s so great to be able to do this together with Joy!”

Watch their performance, win, and encore below.

Other performances this week were by NCT Dream, SF9, NCT 127, Cross Gene, APRIL, SEENROOT, Melody Day, B.I.G, BEATWIN, BIGFLO, BP Rania, DreamCatcher, MASC, VARSITY, Shin Ji Hoon, CLC, I, WALWARI, and Hong Jin Young.

Check out many of them below!

NCT DREAM – “My First And Last”

SF9 – “Roar”

NCT 127 – “Limitless”

APRIL – “Wow”

Cross Gene – “Black or White”

SEENROOT – “Sweet Heart”

Melody Day – “Kiss on the Lips”

B.I.G – “1,2,3”

BEATWIN – “Don’t Leave”

BIGFLO – “Stardom”

BP Rania – “Make Me Ah”

Congratulations once again, Red Velvet!

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