Kang Ha Neul Jokes About Kim Woo Bin’s True Personality And Addresses His Own Dating Rumors

On February 16, actor Kang Ha Neul appeared as a guest on the 19-rated tvN show “Life Bar.”

“Life Bar” is a talk show set in a bar, hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Joon Hyun, and Eric Nam. The show’s rating was recently changed to 19+ due to its setting and the nature of their talk with their guests.

On the show, Kang Ha Neul sat down to talk about his image, his former co-star Kim Woo Bin, and his dating rumors, accompanied by his favorite drink (sake) and bar snack (tuna).

About his “kind image,” he said, “I just want to have a good time and smile with the people around me. Manners are the most important thing to me. I’m not someone who is incredibly kind, but I’m grateful that people see me that way. I don’t find that image difficult or burdensome.”

kang ha neul life bar

He then joked about his former “Twenty” co-star Kim Woo Bin, “I’m kinder than he is. Kim Woo Bin is more of a ‘cool’ guy than a ‘nice’ guy.”

Finally, Kang Ha Neul brought up some of the dating rumors that have surrounded him in the past. “I don’t have any past relationships to speak of,” he said. “I’m close with Kim So Eun, with whom I filmed the movie ‘Mourning Grave,’ but we’re just close university friends. We’ve never dated.”

He added, “There’s a girl among my female friends who has the nickname ‘Cheetah.’ I thanked my friend for something on Instagram but then I became involved in a dating rumor with the singer Cheetah. I’ve never even met her face-to-face.”

In more 19+ rated talk, Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked Kang Ha Neul, who lives alone in a one-room studio apartment, if he’d ever received complaints from his neighbors. When asked about his last kiss, Kang Ha Neul said it was four months ago, but chose to take the drinking punishment instead of naming where it took place.

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