Fans And BTS Members Celebrate J-Hope’s Birthday With Lots Of Love

It’s February 18 in Korea right now, meaning it’s BTS’s J-Hope’s birthday! Per usual, at the stroke of midnight, fans celebrated the rapper’s birthday with lots of love for the sunniest member of the group, trending the hashtag “#happyhopeday” worldwide on Twitter.

J-hope birthday

Later in the evening of February 18 will be the first day of BTS’s “Wings” Seoul concert leg, and fans had already started lining up since the day before. Braving frigid temperatures, fans counted down till the moment it turned exactly midnight on February 18 and sang happy birthday to J-Hope. Watch the fan-captured videos below!

J-Hope also reached out to fans on his birthday, holding a V Live broadcast that started a little before his birthday and counted down to it. Members Jimin, Jungkook, V, and Jin joined him to wish him a happy birthday and Jin also gave J-Hope name-brand shoes as a gift, seemingly a tradition now after Jimin gave J-Hope a pair last year.

Unfortunately, Suga and Rap Monster were unable to join the broadcast as it took place during their concert rehearsals and the two were caught up in a meeting. However, they later uploaded photos of J-Hope, per tradition, to wish him a happy birthday. Rap Monster uploaded a collage of photos he took himself on the set of their latest music video filming and captioned it, “Happy birthday my friend.”

Suga uploaded a selfie of J-Hope dressed as a “mom” for the group’s fan meeting video. He captioned it “Yoon Ji’s mom. #I’m_Suga_Hyung #Happy_birthday_Hope #soul_partner #Sope #If_Suga_is_the_leader_then_it’s_Sope #If_J-Hope_then_Hote.” “Yoon Ji” is the name of Suga’s female character from a recent V Live broadcast in which Suga has to dress up as a high school girl. “Sope” is the unit name of Suga and J-Hope.

BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, also uploaded their traditional photo for a member’s birthday, which shows the birthday boy surrounded by drawings and messages from the other members.

Happy birthday to J-Hope!