Go Ara Reveals Her Perspective On Viewership Ratings For “Hwarang”

Go Ara recently sat down for an interview in honor of KBS2’s “Hwarang,” which ended on February 21.

In the drama, the actress played Ah Ro, the highly independent and sole woman in the group of elite youth known as “hwarang.” While it started off at the top, the production itself eventually had fewer viewership ratings in comparison to its competition, which included dramas like “Defendant” and “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.”

Regarding this matter, Go Ara revealed, “I don’t necessarily think I really dwell on ratings. I think the actual idea of working together [with the cast and crew] is more meaningful.” She went on to say that she places more significance on companionship and understanding her fellow cast and crew members, although there may be other people who are more preoccupied with ratings.

“[‘Hwarang’] has its own unique color as a production, and since viewers have stated they enjoyed watching it, I don’t want to be limited to only focusing on things like [ratings],” Go Ara explained. “I participated in this drama because I wished to have fun while filming a historical drama and wanted to capture the passion of young people, so I hope that [‘Hwarang’] won’t only be talked about in terms of numbers.”

The actress also talked about the difficulties encountered while filming because of the period-specific clothing, and the need to act Ah Ro as accurately as possible in the context of the Silla era. She explained that she was a little disappointed at how Ah Ro had to be portrayed within the restrictions of the historical time period, but understood the necessity.

Go Ara promised to return to either the big or small screen with another fun production, and that she has several offers that she is carefully considering at the moment.

Watch the actress act as the spunky Ah Ro in the first episode of “Hwarang” below!

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