Kang Dong Won Speaks Up About Controversy Regarding Reportedly Pro-Japanese Family History

Kang Dong Won gave his own apology about the controversy regarding his great-grandfather, who was reportedly involved in a mining project during the Japanese colonial period and listed in the pro-Japanese biographical dictionary.

Below is a complete translation of Kang Dong Won’s statement.

“Hello. This is Kang Dong Won. First, I would like to sincerely apologize for causing an uproar about my great-grandfather. Ever since I was little, I grew up hearing positive stories about him. My grandmother was the descendant of an independence patriot, so I accepted the stories about my great-grandfather without much thought. In 2007, at the time of the interview, I did not properly understand his wrongdoings. I apologize once again.

“This incident was chaotic, and it was a big shock for me. Moreover, it is related to my family, and I had to figure out the accurate details about the issue, so I needed time to look into the related documents. I apologize to the people involved for my inability to respond adequately, and I also apologize that I was not able to announce my position in a timely manner.

“Before I am an actor, I am a Korean citizen, and I have always thought that wrongful history had to be corrected, and that such shameful deeds should never be repeated again. For that reason, I am truly ashamed about this incident.

“I now know about my great-grandfather’s shameful past. Through this incident, I will study more about our history and reflect on myself. Even if it’s something small, I will search for things I can do. Once again, I apologize to anyone I made feel uncomfortable.”

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