Park Ha Sun, Ha Seok Jin, And Min Jin Woong Have A “Drinking Solo” Reunion

Three actors from the popular tvN drama “Drinking Solo” have reunited for a fun night out, showing that they have stayed close friends even after the drama’s conclusion last fall.

Park Ha Sun took to her Instagram account to upload a cute snapshot together with Ha Seok Jin and Min Jin Woong, captioning it, “‘Drinking Solo’ forever! We managed to have a quick meet up despite our busy schedules. I miss everyone who wasn’t able to come because they’re doing well and are busy, [have] strength. See you again.”

“Drinking Solo” was a drama about tired college lecturers and students who find their comfort in alcohol. It was recently confirmed that the show would return with a second season this fall, although it is not yet decided if all of the actors would rejoin.

Are you excited for the second season of the show?

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