Kim Soo Hyun Makes Fans Swoon Twice On White Day

On March 14, actor Kim Soo Hyun uploaded a photo to his personal Instagram of some candy with the caption, “Merry White Day.”

White Day is a holiday celebrated on March 14 in some Asian countries, including South Korea, where men give presents – such as chocolates, jewelry, and more – to women. Conversely, in these same countries, Valentine’s Day is observed by women presenting gifts to men.

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While the photo uploaded to his own Instagram does not feature the actor’s face, a photo of the actor was posted on his agency’s official Instagram with the caption, “Did you all swoon at Kim Soo Hyun’s candy photo? We’ve prepared another photo on our official Instagram so you all can swoon twice~!”

Kim Soo Hyun’s new movie “Real,” in which IU and Suzy reportedly made appearances, will be premiering soon and the actor is currently looking over offers for his next project.

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