Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk Talks About How Much He Makes From Songwriting And How He Splits It With YG

On the March 15 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk was asked about his income as a songwriter.

In the three years since his debut, Lee Chan Hyuk was revealed to have registered 39 songs with the copyright association. On top of that, he has written over 100 songs that have not been released.

The MCs asked him about his income from those songs, saying things like, “Your royalties must be incredible,” and “Are you a child chaebol?”

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Lee Chan Hyuk was hesitant to respond and Lee Soo Hyun jumped in with, “In my eyes, [the royalties] are considerable.” Lee Chan Hyuk later shyly agreed to the MC’s estimate of 100 million won (about $89,000) per year.

However, Lee Soo Hyun also added that her brother doesn’t give her any allowance money out of his royalties.

When asked if YG Entertainment, Akdong Musician’s agency, took any of those royalties, Lee Chan Hyuk said, “No, royalties belong to the songwriter.”

Watch the latest episode of “Radio Star” below!

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