A Collection Of The Most Iconic Jackets In K-Pop History

When it comes to K-pop fashion, there is one item that is crucial: The jacket. An iconic jacket is a rite of passage, earning many idol groups and artists a status among the greats of fashion. Check out some of K-pop’s most iconic jackets below.

The fur jacket

While most would often say fur is too heavy to be a jacket, in the world of K-pop, fur is no burden to the demands of fashion. Many artists like Ailee and the Cosmic Girls utilize fur jackets in order to match the variations of character within their concepts. Through Red Velvet, this particular style became popular with a trendy crop cut and a variety of neon lights in the lining. For a better look at this concept, check out their MV for “Ice Cream Cake.”

The military jacket

Military jackets have always been a common trend, leading idol groups like BTS and Girls’ Generation to incorporate them into their MVs. Other groups, like VIXX, have also added a unique flair to these jackets with their gold embroidered cuffs and elaborate medals. To see these jackets in more detail, check out VIXX’s music video for “The Closer.”

The varsity jacket

If you know K-pop, then you definitely need to know the varsity jacket. Essential for many of the outfits used in MVs, these jackets are worn by everyone. Artists like Lee Hi and TWICE add their own spin on the varsity look. In line with the concept of TWICE’s “Cheer Up” MV, these crop jackets are an adaptation of traditional cheerleading jackets. If there’s any jacket you should look for before summer hits, this jacket is the one.

The bomber jacket

There’s one jacket that will never die, and that’s the bomber. Every group in the history of K-pop has used a bomber at one point or another, and to list them all off would probably take an eternity. Why is it such a popular jacket? The answer lies in its versatility. Whether it’s made of silk, velvet, or regular fabric, the bomber can be suited for every occasion. Be like Lisa from BLACKPINK, add a few patches and a couple of your favorite pins. Before you know it, you’ll have the most iconic jacket on the market. Still don’t get what I mean? Check out G-Dragon’s iconic jacket in BIGBANG’s MV for “Bad Boy.”

The leather jacket

What more is there to say? The leather jacket is the most essential kind of jacket that anyone could ever have. Featured in 2NE1’s MV “I Am the Best,” this specific jacket is instantly recognizable for its high collar and the large bands of studs around the arms. To artists like CL and Zico, a leather jacket basically screams “I am the best.”

The suit jacket

The go-to look for basically every idol group is the suit jacket. While it may be overused, there is one undeniable factor that will always make it an iconic look. The suit jacket has the power to look good on literally anyone. It’s common for larger groups like Super Junior and SHINee to use suit jackets in order for all the members to have a unified appearance. Using their MV “Your Number,” SHINee takes patterned jackets to a whole different level with their long physiques and suave dance moves.

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