Lee Gikwang Hopes For Highlight’s Popularity To Surpass BEAST’s

Highlight’s Lee Gi Kwang has talked about what he wants to achieve this year.

On the recent broadcast of “Section TV Entertainment Relay” on March 26, Highlight had a chance to be interviewed to promote their new title song “Plz don’t be sad.”

Prior to the interview, Section TV asked fans what kind of questions they had for the members. One of the questions said, “What is one wish that you want to achieve this year?” To this, Lee Gi Kwang confidently answered, “I want Highlight to become more popular than BEAST.”

Dongwoon also answered this question, saying, “I want to travel to Europe.”

Meanwhile, Highlight’s new song “Plz don’t be sad” has been performing very well and topped major music charts after its release.

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