What Have The Top 22 Of “Produce 101” Season 1 Been Up To?

As excitement continues to brew for “Produce 101 Season 2,” the contestants from Season 1 have gone off to various paths just a year after the conclusion of the show. Here is the scoop on what the the top 22 of Season 1 have been up to lately.

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi of JYP Entertainment has been actively pursuing various solo activities since I.O.I’s disbandment. Through the girl group project on “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2,” she has been flaunting her charming personality while also showing off her singing and dancing abilities. She also released spring duet track “You, Who?” with Eric Nam on March 9. In addition, she has been continuing her MC gig on “The Show.” It was recently announced that Jeon Somi will take part in a new KBS variety show.

Kim Sejeong, Kang Mina, Kim Nayoung

Former I.O.I members Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina, along with Kim Nayoung who ended in 14th place, debuted with Jellyfish girl group gugudan in June 2016. Recently, gugudan has actively been promoting their bold new track “A Girl Like Me.” The members have also been charming fans through variety appearances on shows like “Law of the Jungle,” “Get It Beauty,” and “My Little Television.”

Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon

After I.O.I’s disbandment, Choi Yoojung and Kim Doyeon of Fantagio Entertainment have been gearing up for their girl group debut. In February, the duo traveled to Los Angeles and received special training while also getting a much-deserved break. The behind-the-scenes of their trip will be revealed on their new reality show “Dodaeng’s Diary in LA.” Fantagio has also been teasing for their full group’s debut with the launch of the i-Teen Girls’s V Live channel.

Kim Chungha

Unlike the majority of the other contestants, Kim Chungha of M&H Entertainment is preparing for her debut as a solo artist after I.O.I. Ahead of her debut planned for April, she shared her voice through the OST for hit drama “Strong Woman Do Bongsoon.” Kim Chungha also participated as an MC in “A Running Miracle,” a recently completed show encouraging healthy running for obesity.

Kim Sohye

Kim Sohye of S&P Entertainment (formerly in Redline Entertainment) is taking a different route than the other I.O.I members by focusing on her acting career. As she continues to receive acting training, she has been remaining in the public eye through variety shows such as SBS “Game Show.” Kim Sohye is also the MC of a TOEIC program on EBS and a recurring guest on radio show “Bae Sung Jae’s Ten.”

Kyulkyung, Im Nayoung, Jung Eunwoo

Kyulkyung and Im Nayoung of I.O.I, as well as Jung Eunwoo who ended in 21st place, recently made their debut in Pledis Entertainment’s 10-member girl group PRISTIN with four other “Produce 101” contestants and three additional members. The group has already gained a large fandom with their stunning looks and notable talents and has just began promoting their fun debut track “WEE WOO.”

Jung Chaeyeon, Ki Huihyeon

Jung Chaeyeon and Ki Huihyeon of MBK Entertainment have been continuing with girl group DIA, which they were members of prior to “Produce 101.” DIA is currently preparing for their new album, which is expected to release in April and will feature artists such as Hong Jin Young, DinDin, and fellow contestant Kim Chung Ha. Jung Chaeyeon, a former I.O.I member, has also been acting with roles in “Drinking Solo” and web drama “109 Strange Things.”

Yoo Yeonjung

Yoo Yeonjung of Starship Entertainment has been promoting actively with Cosmic Girls, which she joined as the 13th member last summer while being a member of I.O.I. She stunned with her impressive vocals through an appearance on “King of Masked Singer” a few months ago. Recently, Cosmic Girls completed their promotions for their popular track “I Wish.”

Han Hyeri

Han Hyeri of Star Empire Entertainment, who placed 12th place in “Produce 101,” was preparing for her girl group debut with fellow contestants Kim Yoonji and Kang Shihyun. However, Star Empire recently announced that they are in the process of re-strategizing the debut of a new girl group due to the fierce competition in the current K-pop market. Previously, she promoted briefly as a member of project group I.B.I, consisting of “Produce 101” contestants that barely missed I.O.I.

Lee Soohyun

Lee Soohyun (formerly in SS Entertainment) will be making her debut in a girl group with HYWY Entertainment. The group’s other members are being revealed one by one, and they are planning on making their first release with an OST in April. Lee Soohyun, who previously promoted with I.B.I, is currently an MC on children’s variety show “Hit The Stress.”

Kim Sohee

Kim Sohee of Music Works Entertainment has been promoting in various areas after placing 15th in “Produce 101.” Also a member of I.B.I, Kim Sohee has participated in several OSTs including recent track “Will You Love Me” for popular drama “Chief Kim.” Since her increased popularity through Mnet program “God of Music” with project girl group C.I.V.A, she has been making constant appearances on various variety and radio programs. Kim Sohee will also be starring in the new KBS variety program along with Jeon Somi.

Yoon Chaekyung

Yoon Chaekyung of DSP Entertainment was added to APRIL at the end of last year. Prior to joining APRIL, Yoon Chaekyung also gained interest with the public with C.I.V.A on “God of Music” and promoted with I.B.I, as well. Since then, she has continuously shown her variety skills through shows such as “Ask Us Anything.” APRIL recently concluded promotions for “April Story.”

Lee Hae In

Lee Hae In, who previously switched from SS to HYWY with labelmate Lee Soohyun, recently revealed on Instagram that she left HYWY due to a panic disorder. She shared that she is revealing the news late, but she is recovered now and doing well. Lee Hae In also promoted with I.B.I last year and is currently in talks to join Mnet’s new girl group project “Idol School.”


Park Soyeon

Compared to most other contestants, the whereabouts of Loen Entertainment’s Park Soyeon have been mostly unknown, but it is known that she is still training for her debut. Jeon Somi recently uploaded photos showing their close friendship.


Jeon Soyeon

It was announced in December that Jeon Soyeon has signed an exclusive contract with her agency Cube Entertainment. Jeon Soyeon participated in “Unpretty Rapstar 3” after the conclusion of “Produce 101” and is currently preparing for her debut.

Kang Sira

Kang Sira made her solo debut through ChungChun Music in January. She has been promoting her debut track “Don’t Wanna Forget” through various outlets such as music shows, radio appearances, and even busking. Kang Sira recently held her first fanmeeting with Lee Hae In as a guest.

Which contestant’s activities after “Produce 101” have impressed you the most?

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