April Variety Host Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo, and Lee Soo Geun came out on top in the latest variety host brand reputation ranking!

The Korea Business Research Institute recently analyzed data regarding 20 entertainers from March 1 to March 30, measuring the amount of different factors such as communication and diffusion capacity in the media as well as brand participation. According to the results, Yoo Jae Suk was ranked first in terms of branding, while Park Myung Soo and Lee Soo Geun followed as second and third place, respectively.

The director of the Korea Business Research Institute stated, “Based on the analysis for April, Yoo Jae Suk was ranked first. Yoo Jae Suk’s communication index and community index are always high. A lot of consumers always talk about him, and he has a very large consumer group. His modest appearance in ‘Infinite Challenge’ also has become a big issue for consumers.”

Check out the full list below!

  1. Yoo Jae Suk
  2. Park Myung Soo
  3. Lee Soo Geun
  4. Kim Gura
  5. Park Narae
  6. Jun Hyun Moo
  7. Kim Jong Min
  8. Jo Se Ho
  9. Yang Se Hyung
  10. Shin Dong Yup

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