5 Things Only Block B Stans Understand

Calling all BBCs! In honor of Block B’s 6th anniversary, here are five things only Block B stans understand:

These two legendary videos:

King of Extra: Park Kyung

All the Block B members are pretty extra, but Park Kyung is the most extra of the extras.

Just take a look at his fruit rap:

The next Jay Z, yo. 

Or this teaser:

Extra AF

“My name is Taeil”

The fandom will honestly never let him live this one down:

Fetus Block B is so cute! Can’t believe it’s been six years already.

Jaehyo, the Clementine Hyung

Jaehyo’s nickname stems from something Zico once said about how the funnest part of a clementine is to peel it, and Jaehyo is the “peeling” part. In Korean, the word “to peel” can also mean “tease” or “rag on.”

Zico and Hello Kitty

When Zico first debuted, he had an obsession with Hello Kitty because he thought that would make him seem less intimidating.

Here’s to 6 years (and hopefully many more) of Block B!

Hey BBCs! Did we miss any of your favorite fandom jokes? Tell us in the comments below!

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