13 Songs K-Pop Groups Dedicated To Their Fandoms

It is well known that — on top of talent and marketing skills — fandoms are the reason behind every artist’s success. While the bond between idol groups and their fans is usually celebrated through fansigns and fanmeetings, some of these groups choose to portray their love with a special fan song. Let’s look back on 13 songs K-pop groups dedicated to their fandoms.

1. EXO – “Lucky”

With this beautiful song, not only did EXO’s fervent members express how blessed they were to have EXO-Ls as a fandom, but they also illustrated the genuine feelings of warmth and happiness they felt towards their fans.

2. B.A.P – “B.A.B.Y”

The best gift an idol could offer his fans is a song in their name, which was literally the case for B.A.B.Ys. In this tribute, B.A.P showed their gratefulness for the fandom’s full love and support throughout the years.

3. SHINee – “An Ode To You”

The song’s title says it all: unlike the regular fan chants that resonate during performances, this time, it was Shawols’ turn to receive their own “idol” chant by none other than SHINee themselves.

4. Girls’ Generation – “Sailing (0805)”

Girls’ Generation chose the best way to celebrate their ninth anniversary by granting S♥NEs an animated song in which they thanked them for representing their world and asked them to keep on sailing together.

5. SECHSKIES – “Three Words”

Sixteen years after their disbandment, the five lasting members of first generation idol group SECHSKIES managed to keep their promise to YellowKies by eventually reuniting and starting fresh under a new label.

6. SEVENTEEN – “Healing”

Following their vacation, the ambitious boy group did not forget about their precious fans and bestowed Carats a spiritual healing trip of their own with this surprise music video.

7. BTS – “Two! Three! (To Many More Good Days)”

Idols and their fans often endure hardships together. That being said, rising idol group BTS and ARMY are no exception. Through this song, the bulletproof boys helped the fandom forget about their sorrows and only focus on the good days.

8. TWICE – “One In A Million”

With a fan song that perfectly fits their concept, the cute girl group made sure to let ONCE know that they’re indeed unique and that they’re always welcome to knock on TWICE’s door when needed.

9. MAMAMOO – “Tears”

As a token of appreciation, the powerful vocal group presented MooMoos with a tearful song that delivered the full package: gratitude, love, and a vow to always stay with each other.

10. VIXX – “Milky Way”

There are many ways K-pop groups choose to shower their fans with affection, and VIXX opted for the milky way. ST☆RLIGHTs are surely fortunate to be the light that shines bright in these devoted boys’ world.

11. BIGBANG – “Last Dance”

The five members of BIGBANG gathered one last time before T.O.P’s military enlistment and gifted V.I.Ps this heartfelt letter where they asked them to await their return and remember them until they return.

12. 2NE1 – “Goodbye”

After disbandment news broke back in November 2016, Blackjacks were awarded a farewell song two months later by 2NE1’s remaining members, CL, Dara, and Bom, thus putting an end to their long-awaited comeback.

13. AOA – “With ELVIS (for ELVIS)”

AOA did not disappoint as they wholeheartedly thanked Elvis for always being there for them and urged the fans to count on them just as much to do the same.

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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