Vote-Based Rankings From Week 2 Of “Produce 101 Season 2” Revealed

The second episode of “Produce 101 Season 2” aired last night and now the rankings of contestants based on votes from the general public have been revealed.

Contestant Park Ji Hoon of Maroo Entertainment has kept his spot as the No.1 trainee on the program and received attention this week as it was revealed that is an ex-trainee of a Big 3 agency. He is followed by Samuel Kim of Brave Entertainment, who rose 4 spots to secure his title as the No. 2 trainee on the program and was the first contestant to receive an A rank grade in the first round of evaluations. The No.3 slot went to Lee Dae Hwi of Brand New Music, who received an A rank and plenty of praise during his first round evaluation for not only his performance skills, but also for his ability to compose and arrange songs.

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Fourth place went to Ong Sung Woo, who rose four spots since the first week, while fifth went to Jang Moon Bok, who dropped 3 spots from last week’s rankings. Cube Entertainment’s Lai Guan Lin also rose four spots since last week, securing the No.6 slot in the rankings for the second week of voting.

The first round of voting officially ends on April 29 at 11 a.m KST, and the general public is allowed to vote for 11 trainees per day. Take a look at the current ranking for the top 22 trainees below:

  1. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)
  2. Samuel Kim (Brave Entertainment)
  3. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)
  4. Ong Sung Woo (Fantagio)
  5. Jang Moon Bok (ONO Entertainment)
  6. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)
  7. Ahn Hyung Seob (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  8. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)
  9. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  10. Lee Eui Woong (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  11. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)
  12. Bae Jin Young (C9 Entertainment)
  13. Park Sang Woo (HIM Entertainment)
  14. Kang Dong Ho (Pledis Entertainment)
  15. Choi Min Ki (Pledis Entertainment)
  16. Yoo Sun Ho (Cube Entertainment)
  17. Jung Se Woon (Starship Entertainment)
  18. Kim Jae Hwan (Individual Trainee)
  19. Yoon Ji Sung (MMO Entertainment)
  20. Kwon Hyun Bin (YGK+)
  21. Justin (Yue Hua Entertainment)
  22. Lee Woo Jin (Media Line Entertainment)

You can check out last week’s rankings here.

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