5 Reasons To Watch “Life Risking Romance,” A Perfect Dose Of Funny And Scary

Romance, comedy, action, thriller, or mystery? Can’t quite decide what to watch on a movie night? Here’s a movie that promises to have it all in one rollercoaster ride that’s bound to make you feel in love, scared, and intrigued at the same time. Here are some reasons why you need to watch “Life Risking Romance.”

1. The lead is none other than Ha Ji Won

Everyone’s favorite heroine Ha Ji Won stars in the film, and perhaps that’s more than enough reason to watch it. She’s mostly known for her tough talking, butt-kicking femme fatale roles, but these days, she’s trying her hand in lighter, more romantic roles. This time, she’s taking on a quirky, clumsy role.

Ha Ji Won plays Han Jae In, a rookie novelist who hasn’t written a single novel in almost five years because she spends her time trying to get inspiration running around in her neighborhood, and she just can’t get her nose out of everyone’s business. It doesn’t help that she’s also incredibly paranoid: she calls the police to report the slightest suspicions she has, even though she has no proof. That might come in handy in some emergency situations, but it’s so bad that now, nobody believes her. When she finally hits the idea of making a serial murder case the topic for her novel, she decides to solve the case herself. With an instinct that’s almost always wrong and with no professional background, who would believe the girl who always cried wolf?

2. Chen Bolin crosses over to Hallyuland

If it’s the first time you’re hearing the name Chen Bolin, he actually has an impressive portfolio of dramas and movies in his native Taiwan. This is the first time he’s ever been featured prominently in a Korean production, but he previously became the virtual husband of Song Ji Hyo in the Chinese version of “We Got Married” and made a memorable cameo in the drama “Monster.” He also starred in a movie with Son Ye Jin. After that, it seems, he caught the eye of many Korean fans.

In “Life Risking Romance,” he plays a mysterious character named Jason Chen, whose smoldering good looks belie his hidden intentions. He moves into the neighborhood where the murders are happening, and he does it with timing that screams suspicious. The mumbling novelist bumps into him by accident and develops a crush on him, but after following him around, something tells her that he’s a man that can’t be trusted completely. Chen Bolin speaks English in this film, and Ha Ji Won does so too with skill. Is Han Jae In’s instinct correct this time? Or does her weird feeling have something to do with love?

3. The friendship goals will warm your heart

Han Je In is best friends with local police officer Seol Rok Hwan (a name alluding to Sherlock Holmes), played by Chun Jung Myung, and there’s never a lack of hilarious moments when these two friends are around. Nobody knows Je In better than Seol Rok, who chases her with his police car just to tease her. Together they try to solve the mystery of the serial killer, but little does she know, he is hiding a secret of his own. For the clueless Je In, Seol Rok is just a friend, but feelings run deeper on the other side. Despite his efforts, he keeps getting trapped in the friendzone as Je In is focused on nothing but solving the case. He stumbles upon another obstacle with the appearance of Jason Chen, the perfect man who seems to have swept Je In off her feet. Before he runs out of time, will he finally catch the culprit and Je In’s heart?

4. Watch for a good laugh…

Crazy situations keep happening in this film, and the laughs just keep on rolling. The movie has scenes that let you just sit back, enjoy, and not overthink. In an interview with Yonhap News, Director Song Min Kyu said he wanted to focus on the “natural acting of characters in funny situations.” What better than to see award-winning actors who won awards for their dramatic roles — particularly Chun Jung Myung, who’s known for his tearjerker dramas, and Ha Ji Won, a staple in blockbuster movie hits — doing something out of their comfort zones?

5. And all the feels.

If you’re a sucker for love triangle stories, this film will give you both a mystery about the three characters and a serial murder case that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. Of course, there are surprise characters that will add twists and turns to the story, but ultimately, the journey that leads to the culprit is the one that makes the characters realize where their hearts truly are. Are you on team police bestie or on team dashing stranger?

DP_Kim is an English magazine writer and fashion fan whose goal in life is to wear heels and find the best OOTD locations while living in the farm outside of Jeonju, South Korea.

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