2017 Spring/Summer Styles You Need To Learn From Korean Stars

If your social media feed is filled with cherry blossoms and beach photos, it only means one thing: the sun is up and it’s time to stow away your heavy winter clothes. Still feeling drab? Lighten up and upgrade your look with these top trends worn by your fave Korean stars in magazine editorials, music videos, and album jackets, and get inspired by signature looks from the latest runway collections.

1. Romantic florals

Florals for Spring? This trend isn’t really groundbreaking as the famous line from “Devil Wears Prada” goes, but there are different ways to wear it. You can dress it up in two ways: pretty like a fairy or with a hint of sexiness. Former “Produce 101” contestant Kim Chung Ha is known for her fierce dancing, but she showed a different side with a light, romantic floral look for star1. Jessica is proving to be quite the Spring queen with her latest teaser photos.

Trivia: She is actually wearing a rose-embroidered jacket from the brand Off-White, which she wore uniquely by tying the sleeves in front to make it a tube top.

2. Bright as lemons

Spring fashion is mostly all about pastels and light colors, but one trend is standing out. Bright yellow and highlighter green dominated the latest Seoul Fashion Week looks (like the one pictured below from YCH), and it’s no wonder why this blinding yet alluring color is being worn by top stars. “Hwarang” actress Seo Ye Ji is photographed in a backless yellow dress for Nylon, Taeyeon joined in on the trend in her teaser photos, and Jea wore a more mellow hue for her latest solo project.

3. Loud and proud

The ’90s style is coming back. Well, it’s not like it ever went away anyway. If you’re a ’90s kid, you’ll remember wearing shirts with logos on them; back then it was one of the obvious signs that you were cool. Brands that you’ve known and loved are making this a trend again with shirts that scream their names. Check out Kim Yoo Jung’s editorial for 1st Look (take note of the bucket hat!).

4. Cute like a kid

Speaking of T-shirts, better scour your closets and look for your favorite childhood tee because apparently, they’re in style. Jessica and Taeyeon are kind of style sisters as they made this seemingly ordinary key piece look amazing.

5. Make a statement

If you can’t say it out loud, wear it. T-shirts can be a versatile staple depending on how you style it. You can dress it up a la Dior, or dress it down a la HyunA.

6. Pure white

Nothing spells clean and fresh like the color white. It can take you from day to night, casual to formal, and everything in between. Ruffles is also a stylish detail that makes white a bit more interesting as seen on one of Romanchic’s looks. Seulgi wore a pretty white dress with a peek-a-boo shoulder for a mix of pretty and chic.

7. Sheer and subtle

Related to the white trend, sheer is also a good way to make it interesting if you want to show a little skin without baring too much. Sheer is one of those things that’s actually hard to translate into real world style, but you can ease your way into it by wearing a see-through top or skirt (not at the same time) and mixing in your staples. Take note of Jung Eun Ji and HyunA’s sheer looks with interesting sleeves/cuffs.

8. Denim forever

Who doesn’t love denim? It’s easy to wear, and it’s forever stylish. EXID showed girl group goals by wearing this staple, and if you want to see a variety of Spring/Summer trends, just watch their new “Night Rather Than Day” MV. They wore denim, florals, and bright colors all in one video.

9. Always accessorize

The best way to complete your look is to have fun with your accessories. Try on some bracelets or drop earrings with a pop of color just like the cute members of Oh My Girl.

10. It’s all about the hairstyle

If you look closely on all these Spring/Summer trends, you’ll notice one thing: the curly, slightly teased out hairstyle. The bangs are light, wavy, and wispy for a romantic, feminine look. Who do you think rocked this trend best? Hani, Sulli, Suzy, or Yeri?

Which one is your favorite Spring/Summer trend so far?

DP_Kim is an English magazine writer and fashion fan whose goal in life is to wear heels and find the best OOTD locations while living in the farm outside of Jeonju, South Korea.

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