All Of The Reasons You Can’t Help But Love Shinhwa: Confessions Of An Orange Fangirl

Once upon a time, in a land that was less orange, a young girl (?) accidentally stumbled across a clip of Shinhwa Broadcast on a magical thing called YouTube. One clip led to another, and before she knew it, she had turned as orange as oranges can be.

No, not this orange.

THIS orange!

Here are some reasons why Shinhwa is legend!

1. They’re from the first generation of Hallyu idols.

Shinhwa is a six-member idol group consisting of Eric Mun, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin, and Andy Lee. They debuted under SM Entertainment in 1998 and are part of the first generation of Hallyu K-pop idols, which includes H.O.T and SECHSKIES.

2. They manage their own company.

When Shinhwa’s contract with SM expired after five years, SM decided to not re-sign all six members. Wanting to stay together, they left SM and signed with Good Entertainment. This was the start of a long battle for the rights to their name, one which was only resolved in 2015. Prior to that, in 2011, Shinhwa established Shinhwa Company, making them the first K-pop group to own their own entertainment company, with Eric and Min Woo as the CEOs.

3. They stick together.

They even have matching suitcases!

Upon releasing their sixth album in 2002, Shinhwa became the longest running Korean idol group in existence, a title they still hold today. In addition to that, they are also the longest-running group to not have any member changes. This is increasingly rare nowadays, where even successful groups such as Girls’ Generation or BEAST (now Highlight) have had members leaving to pursue solo careers, while some, like Kara and 2NE1, have disbanded.

4. They’re competitive.

Shinhwa has remained competitive in the music scene, winning multiple music awards throughout their career, including a Daesang for their album “Brand New.” Their newer albums still rise to the top of real-time music charts. They also never shy away from different concepts, daring to try more feminine vogue-ing dances, or going for a more mature sound.

Aside from all that, they are just flat out competitive. They have garnered this reputation since their days on “X-men,” where most members were usually the last man standing in games. Shinhwa also remain the only guests on “Running Man” who achieved a perfect win, leaving the “Running Man” members completely defeated. Even when they play amongst themselves, they go all out wanting to one-up each other.

5. They truly love each other.

They TRULY love each other!

Shinhwa Changjos (the name of the fanbase) have heard many stories where the Shinhwa members helped each other out during times of difficulty, be it financially or emotionally. Times where they give parents’ day presents to all the parents of the members. Times where they forgo a personal benefit in order to benefit the whole group. Times where the members who were doing better and earning more shared their earnings with those who were earning less. Times where they joked about having a Shinhwa village where all their families would live next to each other.

6. They are giving.

Dong Wan is well known for his charity work, having donated to various foundations over the years. Shinhwa as a group also does charity work for abandoned animals. Not only are the members themselves doing wonderful work, but the fans of the members have also made donations to various organizations over the years, usually coinciding with the members’ birthdays. In fact, it was Hye Sung’s global fandom who first started the rice wreath trend, sending them in support to his solo concert in 2007. These bags of rice are usually donated to an organization of the artist’s choosing.

7. They are multi-talented.

Just! Too! Sexy~!

When Shinhwa first debuted, Min Woo, Hye Sung, and Dong Wan were the vocal line, whereas Eric, Jun Jin, and Andy were the rapper line. Fast forward 19 years into their careers, and they have become so much more than that.

Eric is an established actor, with recent hit “Another Oh Hae Young” being one of the highest rated dramas on Korean cable television history. Dong Wan has also been involved in acting, winning awards for both movies (“Deranged”) and dramas (“Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!”).

Min Woo and Hye Sung have had successful careers as soloists. Jun Jin has been active in variety shows, participating in “Infinite Challenge” and other shows. Andy founded his own talent agency, TOP Media, producing groups such as Teen Top and 100%.

All six have also been largely involved in the creative processes of their albums, from writing the raps and lyrics, creating the overall concept, and choreographing. We have also always known Andy as the designated chef of the bunch, but recently have been surprised by the culinary talents of both Eric and Dong Wan. Heck, they even have their own variety show, Shinhwa Broadcast! Honestly, what can’t these boys do?

All those amazing facts aside, one HUGE reason I love them is because they are just! such! dorks! Each time they go on a variety show, you know it is going to be successful and laugh-out-loud hilarious. They have moved past the ‘taking care of their image’ part of their career, and are willing to show their true selves in front of the camera, especially when they are by themselves. And with such a 4-dimensional leader as Eric, what else could you possibly expect from the group? So here is a bucket load of all their adorkableness, from the cross dressing, the farting, to their contagious laughter.

Remember their normal-ness here. Next stop, dork-ville!

This is what they’re doing when they’re taking cover photos.

Their faces!

Their famous semi-nude photos took the industry by storm.

Their farting exercises continue to make variety show appearances. 


Fully embracing ‘her’ role as Wonder Woman.

Never let children be your stylists.

Maknae Love

Image? What image?

Skippety, skippety, skip!

Eric is communicating with his best friend, Gomdori.

Adorable part 2

I’m pretty sure they’re only five years old. In fact, Eric’s nickname is Mun-three-year-old.

They have so much fun just playing by themselves.

I swear they’re not insane.

Shinhwa’s Random Play Dance on Weekly Idol. Prepare to be breathless from laughing.

Are you a Shinhwa Changjo as well? Have you had trouble breathing from laughing too much while watching Shinhwa Broadcast? Or have you never quite paid attention to them but decided to give them a chance after today? Leave your comments below and let us know!


Belinda_C loves Shinhwa and is greatly enjoying the recent ‘Shinhwa’s 18th’ broadcast!

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