Watch: Lee Dong Gun, Park Min Young, And Yeon Woo Jin Tease Intense Love Triangle In Upcoming Historical Drama

On May 4, KBS released a teaser online for their upcoming Wednesday-Thursday historical romance drama “Queen for 7 Days.”

The teaser had been broadcast through TV on May 2 before being released online, and as no details had been revealed about the drama, it surprised many viewers and built up further anticipation for it.

The drama centers around the romance between Queen Dangyeong (Park Min Young) and Jungjong of Joseon (Yeon Woo Jin). Queen Dangyeong is known as the queen who sat on the throne for the shortest amount of time in Korean history. Yeonsangun (Lee Dong Gun) is Jungjong’s half-brother and Queen Dangyeong’s other love interest.

The clip is only 10 seconds long, but it leaves an lasting impact on viewers. Watch the captivating teaser below!

“Queen for 7 Days” will begin airing on May 31 after “Mystery Queen.”

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