“Produce 101 Season 2” Reveals Top 60 Contestants And Conducts First Elimination

The May 5 episode of “Produce 101 Season 2” was filled with many tears, both happy and sad, as the contestants found out who would be moving on, and whose journey would be coming to an end.

While online voting-based rankings are available on a weekly basis, this broadcast marked the first time the trainees’ overall ranks were revealed.

Their overall scores and rankings are based on the combination of online votes from April 7 to 29, the live, on-site votes recorded during their most recent group battle performances, as well as the bonuses that were available for winners of the battle performances. In total, almost 247 million votes were cast over the last three weeks.

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Furthermore, this week’s episode also marked the show’s very first elimination, as only the top 60 got to continue on, while the remaining 38 trainees won’t move forward.

While most of the top 11 has maintained their positions from online voting-based rankings, there were a few shake-ups after last week’s performances.

As of now, here are the top 60 contestants of “Produce 101 Season 2.”

1. Park Ji Hoon (Maroo Entertainment)

2. Kim Samuel (Brave Entertainment)

3. Yoon Ji Sung (MMO Entertainment)

4. Ong Sung Woo (Fantagio)

5. Kang Daniel (MMO Entertainment)

6. Ahn Hyung Sub (Yue Hua Entertainment)

7. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New Music)

8. Kim Jong Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

9. Lai Guan Lin (Cube Entertainment)

10. Joo Hak Nyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)

11. Hwang Min Hyun (Pledis Entertainment)

12. Bae Jin Young
13. Jung Se Woon
14. Jang Moon Bok
15. Yoo Sun Ho
16. Kim Jae Hwan
17. Lee Eui Woong
18. Lee Woo Jin
19. Choi Min Ki
20. Kang Dong Ho
21. Ha Sung Woon
22. Park Sung Woo
23. Kwon Hyun Bin
24. Park Woo Jin
25. Kim Tae Dong
26. Noh Tae Hyun
27. Im Young Min
28. Takada Kenta
29. Lee Gun Hee
30. Yoon Hee Suk
31. Justin
32. Kim Tae Min
33. Kim Dong Bin
34. Kim Yong Guk
35. Jung Dong Su
36. Hong Eun Ki
37. Kim Dong Han
38. Kim Tae Woo
39. Kim Dong Hyun
40. Kim Ye Hyun
41. Lee Joon Woo
42. Woo Jin Young
43. Kim Sang Gyun
44. Lee Kwang Hyun
45. Joo Jin Woo
46. Kim Sung Ri
47. Ha Min Ho
48. Lee Yoo Jin
49. Yeo Hwan Woong
50. Jung Jung
51. Seo Sung Hyuk
52. Byun Hyun Min
53. Kim Yong Jin
54. Kim Nam Hyung
55. Park Woo Dam
56. Yoo Hwae Seung
57. Lee In Soo
58. Lee Ki Won
59. Yoon Jae Chan
60. Kim Sang Bin

Did your favorite contestant make the cut?

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