Watch: Park Min Young, Lee Dong Gun, And Yeon Woo Jin Show Their Comical Side In New Drama Teaser

KBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday historical romance drama “Queen for 7 Days” is back with a new teaser, which has a much different feel from their first clip.

The teaser starts off quite serious, with Park Min Young saying, “Because I love you, all the tears of the world came to me with you.” However, things take quite a comical turn when Park Min Young trips and falls flat on her face. Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun create a fun moment that gives viewers a sneak peek at their upcoming character dynamics.

“Queen for 7 Days” will follow the story of Queen Dangyeong (Park Min Young), who was on the throne for only seven days. Yeon Woo Jin will play Jungjon of Joseon while Lee Dong Gun will play Yeonsangun, Jungjong’s half-brother and Queen Dangyeong’s other love interest.

The drama will begin airing on May 31 following “Mystery Queen.”