Park Min Young Looks Elegant In A Hanbok For Upcoming KBS Historical Drama

On May 14, upcoming KBS2 drama “Queen for 7 Days” released some beautiful stills of actress Park Min Young.

In the photos, she looks all the more more beautiful in traditional clothing. In one still, she is hugging someone in a red royal robe while shedding tears.

Park Min Young plays Queen Dangyeong in the drama, who was Queen for the shortest time in Joseon’s history before being dethroned.

Staff revealed, “As the recording goes on, we are more and more amazed. We understand why they call Park Min Young the goddess of historical dramas.” They then asked of the viewers, “Please give lots of attention to ‘Queen for 7 Days,’ which is sure to capture your heart.”

Meanwhile, “Queen for 7 Days” will air its first episode on May 31 after “Mystery Queen.”

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