10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon isn’t your typical brooding male lead in K-dramas, but his unique charm and talent have made him a household name. He’s always played goofy, cheerful, and playful characters, which makes him seem very relatable to viewers of any age. His new rom-com “Fight My Way” with Kim Ji Won is starting soon, but before you start, here are some lesser-known facts about the adorable actor:

1. He first appeared in Bang Yong Guk’s single “I Remember.”

You probably wouldn’t recognize the younger, skinnier version of Park Seo Joon when he debuted in Bang Yong Guk’s 2011 solo single “I Remember.” He played a man who would kill for his love, no matter how troubled their relationship was. All eyes were on Bang Yong Guk, but Park Seo Joon turned plenty of heads with his heart-wrenching, intense glare.

2. He’s big on family.

Being the oldest of three brothers, Park Seo Joon cherishes being a big bro. His younger brother is married and has a two-year-old daughter. Park Seo Joon says that living alone in Seoul made him feel lonely and that his niece brought out his desire for warmth of a family. His niece even recognizes him and points him out on TV. Perhaps he’ll also be a good husband and dad material one day?

3. He has a great personal sense of style.

Park Seo Joon is actually the first Asian male model to become the face of Tommy Hilfiger, which is why he watched Tommy Hilfiger’s show in Los Angeles with Jessica. Even on his own, he has a great sense of style, judging from his Instagram posts. He mixes basics with standout pieces that make his look just a bit more interesting. He also takes enviable OOTDs that can rival any fashion blogger! It helps that he is about 6 feet tall, so he looks like a model off duty on normal days. A rep from Tommy Hilfiger said, “We look forward to the synergy that ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ will create with Park Seo Joon, who’s a trending actor with great popularity and influence in the Asian market.”

Park Seo Joon with Jessica in the front row of Tommy x Gigi’s show in L.A.

 4. He’s got the bromance thing going on with famous heartthrobs

Park Seo Joon has an outgoing personality, which makes him get along well with everyone he works with, especially the male actors. He has a long list of celebrity friends, including the gang of “Hwarang” (with Park Hyung Sik being his closest buddy), Kang Ha Neul (they starred in “Midnight Runners” together), and Lee Hyun Woo (he’s also signed under Park Seo Joon’s agency Keyeast).

His most famous bro? It would probably be Choi Siwon, his co-star from “She Was Pretty.” They had great love-hate chemistry on screen, and they continued being good friends after the drama was over. Both actors exchange hilarious banter on Instagram, and Siwon even attended the wedding of Seo Joon’s younger brother. Back then, Siwon even did a hasty photoshop of him and Seo Joon in a back hug and posted it on his page.

In fact, his closeness with other actors made some online tabloids question his sexuality. He stirred up dating rumors with 2012 “Family” sitcom co-star Choi Woo Shik; they shared an awkward kiss in the drama, and after shooting, they would always hang out, which made people speculate. Choi Woo Shik then played a character in “Fool’s Love” who was the love interest of another man. Choi Woo Shik denied the claims, saying that he and Park Seo Joon are just close friends and nothing more.

5. Speaking of dating rumors…

He was once rumored to have dated actress Baek Jin Hee, his co-star in “Gold, Appear!” They played hesitant and immature newlyweds in the drama and sparks were flying. It was reported that Seo Joon moved into the actress’s neighborhood to get close to her and that they were seen wearing couple jackets. He admitted that both were true, but that he moved because his old neighborhood had a parking problem and that the jackets were sponsored. He sure shut down those rumors fast!

People were also questioning his relationship with SISTAR’s Hyorin, whom he became close with after “Dream High 2.” His parents even know Hyorin. A few years ago he was seen assisting Hyorin, who appeared to have hurt her leg, and many fans thought they looked cute as a couple. He was quoted in an interview saying, “She’s my diva. Hyorin is really the only friend I have that’s a girl.” How sweet is that?

6. He has a thing for noonas

Well, at least only in dramas, as far as we know. He fell for Hwang Jung Eum’s clumsy yet kindhearted character Kim Hye Jin in “She Was Pretty” (he also worked with her in “Kill Me, Heal Me“) and seduced a career woman played by Uhm Jung Hwa in “A Witch’s Romance.” He also cast a spell over high profile noona Han Hyo Joo when Seo Joon made a cameo in “The Beauty Inside.”

And you know… The guy can kiss.

7. He insists that he is an introvert in private.

Even though he plays fun characters and has tons of famous friends on his speed dial, he revealed that, on the contrary, he is an introvert and a quiet person in real life. “That’s just my image in front of the camera. I am actually really introverted in private, and I practically just keep quiet when I am with my friends.”

8. His ideal type?

He once said in an interview that pretty hands and a charming smile is definitely attractive in a girl. Most importantly, good conversation is a must. He describes his ideal type, saying, “I care a lot about first impressions. Also, our communication styles should match.”

9. He doesn’t even think he is handsome…

Now this calls for a big WHAT?! In an interview, he said that he couldn’t fathom how international fans think he’s handsome, and that he still thinks it’s amazing that they see him that way. “My face is plain,” he said. “Since my looks are plain, I am able to create the effect of making the person next to me look very beautiful. If there are any actresses that want to look prettier, they should work with me.”

10. Through it all, he still remains as humble as ever

Even when his fan meetings get sold out within minutes, Park Seo Joon keeps his feet on the ground. During his brother’s wedding, so many fans came to see him that the situation got out of hand. He was taken aback, as he did not expect his popularity to be that high. When asked about his fame, he answered, “Fortunately, there are more opportunities than before. It was incredibly difficult to get work in the past, but now I’m able to find work with more ease.”

Fight My Way” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!


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