SBS Has High Expectations For Lee Jong Suk And Suzy’s Upcoming Drama

SBS seems confident that its upcoming drama “While You Were Asleep” (tentative title) will be a great project to look forward to.

During a dinner meeting with press, a representative from SBS, Lee Yong Suk, said, “I don’t know how the viewership ratings will be, but the work will certainly be something that is talked about.”

He said, “The combination of the video, staff, actors, and script are so great. We were watching the first and second episodes and it felt like a dream. We’ve filmed up to the sixth episode now and it’s turning out just fine.”

He complimented the actors as well, saying, “It feels like Lee Jong Suk found clothes that fit him. He’s not awkward and there’s nothing rough [about his acting]. Suzy also has stable acting. I personally praised her and told her, ‘good job.’ [The acting] won’t be a problem.”

Meanwhile, “While You Were Asleep” is a drama that tells the story of a woman who can foresee adverse events before they happen, as well as a prosecutor who tries to prevent those events from happening. It is set to air this September.

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