Sung Si Kyung’s Story About Getting Asked Out By An SM Idol Resurfaces

An episode of “Radio Star” that had aired back in 2011 has recently been brought up in an online community.

Singer Sung Si Kyung appeared as a guest on this particular episode and revealed that an SM idol had expressed interest in him through their manager.

“A manager from SM called me one day, saying that an idol member liked me and wanted to grab some drinks with me,” he shared, expressing that he had become really excited.

The MCs became shocked after listening to his story and asked him who the idol was.

“It was that kid,” he said while pointing at Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

Much to Sung Si Kyung’s disappointment, it turned out that Kyuhyun was just trying to pull a prank on him.

Kyuhyun sure got him good!

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