Kim Heechul Jokes About Why He Really Hopes His “Life Bar” Co-Hosts Won’t Have A Dating Scandal

On the May 25 broadcast of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Super Junior’s Kim Heechul good-naturedly, but candidly, mentioned his frustration with being mentioned in other people’s dating rumors.

While bringing up how he’s been called a matchmaker of sorts, Kim Heechul starts off, “I hope that [Girl’s Day’s] Yura and Kim Root don’t get involved in any sort of scandal while filming ‘Life Bar.'”

“[Because] I’m 500 percent sure that my name will be included in those reports!” he exclaimed, before changing it to, “6000 percent sure.”

Kim Heechul previously expressed how while he doesn’t mind his reputation for having many celebrity connections, he was annoyed with how many dating rumor reports will include his name just because of said connections, regardless of his actual role or lack thereof. The idol had explained that he actually “deletes their number and blocks the person” if someone tries to use him as a middleman because of his connections.

Yura, being a close friend of Kim Heechul, chimed in to reiterate how he actually doesn’t like it when people ask him to introduce him to other people. “He really hates being stuck in the middle [between two people],” she explained, while Shin Dong Yup further affirmed this dislike.

Hopefully, future reports about dating rumors will make sure to check their facts twice before including Kim Heechul’s name!

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