KNK Members Explain The Downsides Of Being So Tall

KNK has shared why they want to succeed – and it has to do with their famous height.

The boy group is known not only for their talents but also their impressive height, with the group’s average height at their debut in 2016 described as 185 centimeters (6’1 feet). When asked in a recent interview what the downsides of being so tall are, the KNK members replied, “Our pants have to be tailored, no matter what.” They lamented, “If it’s not tailored, it doesn’t fit us.”

They went on to comment, “Also ,when we’re in airplanes or cars, our knees touch the seats in front of us. We sit in economy class of course since we’re rookies, but our legs really hurt on long flights. A while ago, we got lucky and got seats in business class, and it was so amazing. That was the first time we really said, ‘I want to earn a lot of money’ or ‘I really want to be successful.'”

KNK recently made a comeback with the title track “Sun.Moon.Star” off their second single album “Gravity.”

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