Son Ho Jun Proves His Loyalty To TVXQ’s Yunho By Sending A Coffee Truck To His Drama Set

Actor Son Ho Jun proved just how close he is with TVXQ’s Yunho by sending a coffee truck to the set of Yunho’s upcoming drama, “Meloholic” (working title).

On May 28, a coffee support truck business posted a short video on their Instagram with the caption, “Fans already know that these two are inseparable. Actor Son Ho Jun sent a coffee truck to the set of actor Jung Yunho’s web drama ‘Meloholic.’ It is actor Jung Yunho’s first work since discharge. We report that ‘Meloholic’ will be a hit!”

In the video, Son Ho Joon also sent a short message to his best friend through a banner which reads, “To my lovely friend Yunho, who I’m always grateful and sorry towards. Fighting! From Son Ho Jun, who is Yunhoholic.”

Hilariously, it seems like the television in the truck was playing a clip of a show they appeared in together when they were much younger.

Meanwhile, “Meloholic” revolves around a man who is able to read the thoughts of others and meets a woman with a split personality.