Park Min Young Reveals Why She Chose To Star In “Queen For 7 Days”

Actress Park Min Young revealed how she came to decide on “Queen for 7 Days” for her next project.

During the drama’s press conference held on May 29, Park Min Young expressed that she felt a deep connection with summer historical dramas because she had previously starred in “Korean Ghost Stories” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.”

“The script for ‘Queen for 7 Days’ was the thickest script I had ever received. I was able to understand the synopsis quickly and catch up with its emotional flow,” she shared.

She then added, “It’s my first time in a while choosing such a good production after ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal.’ I feel responsible in a good way.”

You can check out character stills of Park Min Young here.

“Queen for 7 Days” will air every Wednesday and Thursday starting May 31. Watch it on Viki!Watch

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