Gong Yoo Candidly Talks About His Fame In CNN Interview

During his special interview with CNN, Gong Yoo talked about the ups and downs of being a popular actor.

He described some of the downsides of popularity, saying, “Actors are exposed to the public a lot. People judge actors based on the way they live, and those images can be reflected in the characters they play. That’s why I try not to reveal my private life.”

“I sometimes don’t think I’m suited to be an actor. I’m fine in front of the camera but once I go out in public, I get really shy,” he explained.

He was also asked whether people respected his privacy. “They do respect it sometimes but I think it’s impossible to just pass by when you see me. I’m thankful when people do just pass by, but it’s hard for most people to do that,” he responded.

Gong Yoo then talked about the good side of fame, saying it was what allowed him to exist as an actor. “However, as people say, you win some and you lose some. I do want to separate my personal life from my life as an actor, but I know it’s hard for the public to accept that,” he added.

“One time I stepped into a restaurant in Australia, and Asian fans began surrounding me and pulling on my clothes. I knew they were glad to see me, and I think I should just bear with these kinds of things,” he expressed.

He then shared that he continued his acting career not for money and fame but for his fans. As for his future goals, he revealed that he wanted to try working with his favorite actors and directors to produce his own movie that could allow him to deliver his own message.

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