Park Min Young Explains How The Story Of Her Character In “Queen For 7 Days” Is Similar To The Life Of An Actress

Actress Park Min Young recently shot a pictorial and sat down for an interview with fashion magazine Grazia, where she talked about her character Queen Dan Kyung in “Queen for 7 Days.”

She shared, “I actually wanted to do a bright modern day drama this time, but I changed my mind the moment I read the script for ‘Queen for 7 Days.’ It’s plot heavy but the story has controlled dynamics. My character in the drama is charming, too.”

She further described her role in the drama, saying, “Queen Dan Kyung is a kind-hearted woman who just wants to be in love and live an ordinary life. Her identity and environment, however, do not allow this. I think her situation is similar to that of an actress’s. I could really relate to her.”

“Queen for 7 Days” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it on Viki!Watch

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