Here Are The Top 20 Trainees Left In “Produce 101 Season 2” After Latest Eliminations

The latest episode of Mnet’s survival program “Produce 101 Season 2” aired just a few hours ago on the night of June 9, 2017. From the remaining 35 trainees, 15 trainees were eliminated, after revealing the overall ranking after the concept challenge evaluation.

Before the final rankings were announced, it was revealed that Kang Daniel earned a benefit of 100,000 votes after winning first place for the concept challenge. Kang Do Ho earned a benefit of 20,000 votes after placing second.

A total of 8,400,000 votes were tallied for this round for the overall rankings. Here are the top 20 trainees:

1. Kang Daniel

2. Park Ji Hoon

3. Ha Sung Woon

4. Bae Jin Young

5. Kim Samuel

6. Park Woo Jin

7. Kim Jong Hyun

8. Ong Sung Woo

9. Yoon Ji Sung

10. Lee Dae Hwi

11. Hwang Min Hyun

12. Kang Dong Ho

13. Kim Jae Hwan

14. Ahn Hyung Seob

15. Choi Min Ki

16. Yoo Seon Ho

17. Im Young Min

18. Joo Hak Nyeon

19. Jung Se Woon

20. Lai Guan Lin

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Here are the rankings for the 15 trainees that were unable to make the cutoff.

21. Kim Yong Guk

22. Kwon Hyun Bin

23. Lee Eui Woong

24. Takada Kenta

25. Noh Tae Hyun

26. Kim Sang Gyun

27. Jang Moon Bok

28. Kim Dong Hyun

29. Kim Dong Han

30. Kim Tae Dong

31. Seo Sang Hyuk

32. Kim Ye Hyun

33. Lee Gun Hee

34. Lee Woo Jin

35. Park Woo Dam

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The final challenge for the remaining trainees will be the “Debut Evaluation,” which will decide who gets to debut in the final group of 11 members. There are two songs for the debut evaluation – “Hands on Me” and “Super Hot.” There will each be 10 trainees to a song.

Next week’s episode will air live on June 16.

You can compare these final rankings to Soompi’s International Producers’ choices here.

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