Seoul International Drama Awards 2013


It’s finally here – your chance to have your voice be heard as an international fan of Korean dramas. Soompi is proud to host the Korean Wave portion of the Seoul International Drama Awards this year. You can check out the details in our announcement here.

Voting is simple!  Just follow the 3 steps below to support your favorite K-Drama, actors, and actresses. You can vote once every 24 hours, so come vote everyday, and spread the word to make sure your favorites win (but no cheating, please)!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s come to our attention that some people were creating false accounts to vote more than once a day. All new accounts and votes are being closely monitored, and fraudulent votes will be disqualified. Scores will be adjusted to reflect these changes.

Please respect the Drama Awards as well as the actors you are voting for. 

In order to accommodate our users around the world while preserving the integrity of the voting, we’ve simplified the process. Once you login to Soompi with your Facebook, you can skip this page and go straight to voting. We are restricting people to vote with their Facebook accounts to help prevent fraudulent activity. Thanks for your understanding!

  • Step 1 “Like” our Soompi page for the best in Korean entertainment delivered straight to your Facebook feed
  • Step 2 Login to Soompi using your Facebook account (click the Facebook button on the login page
  • Step 3 Click the “I’m ready to VOTE” button below!

If you are having trouble voting, please email us at with a detailed description of your problem, including what country you are in.

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