Soompi Ulzzang Contest 2013


It’s time to pick our winners – Round 4 is finally here! For the first time ever, finalists were required to submit a one-minute video showcasing themselves in any way – singing, dancing, rapping, being cute. The submissions went above and beyond our expectations – we hope you’ll be as entertained as we were! Check out all the videos and photos, and let’s help some more Soompiers “make it” 🙂 Tell your friends!


Results for Round 3
[ BOYS ] [ GIRLS ]

Results for Round 2
[ BOYS ] [ GIRLS ]

Results for Round 1
[ BOYS ] [ GIRLS ]

Good luck and have fun! Let us know who you’re supporting in the comments below, spazz about your new crushes, or ask any questions you may have (please read the F.A.Q. below first).


Q: What is this Soompi Ulzzang Contest?
A: Soompi Ulzzang is a yearly tradition going back to 2006 or so. “Ulzzang” is slang for “best face” in Korean, and these selcas were how some celebrities got their starts, the most famous being Goo Hye Sun. Our last winner is now a member of Nega Network‘s boy group, LC9, and this year’s winners and runners-up will get video interviews with the agency. Check out our previous articles here and here, and our very informative forum thread.

Q: What browsers do you recommend for voting?
A: The voting interface works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10. Use all other browsers at your own risk.

Q: Can I vote from my phone?
A: Probably not – there are just too many entries at this point. Perhaps things will change by later rounds, perhaps not ^^;

Q: Can I create many accounts to vote for myself?
A: We are closely monitoring any suspicious activity, so don’t get any funny ideas! But you are welcome to gather the support of your family and friends, so get to it!

Q: I just can’t login to vote!
A: Try refreshing the page after you login, and then again. If it still doesn’t work, try a different browser, even if you are using one of the recommended ones. You can just never tell about these things >_<

More questions and answers to be added as they come up.

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