Court Takes N-Sonic’s Side In Agency’s Lawsuit Against The Members

Just a little over a year ago, it was reported the boy group N-Sonic had requested contract termination from their agency – C2K Entertainment – on May 17 through their attorney and was unable to be contacted by their agency afterwards, resulting in missed and canceled activities. On May 24, the agency announced that it would be taking legal action against the members, asking for compensations for damages resulting from their breach of contract.

On June 22, 2017, the Seoul Central District Court’s civil affairs department ruled against the plaintiff (C2K Entertainment), ending the year-long conflict.

Previously on May 24, 2016, N-Sonic’s leader – J.Heart – had reached out to fans through his Instagram account before he left for military enlistment, apologizing and thanking fans.

Commenting on the court ruling, C2K Entertainment said, “This incident caused great damage to [N-Sonic’s] juniors, who were preparing to debut, as well as financial harm to the company.”

Following the court ruling, N-Sonic member Sihoo wrote on his Instagram account, “Truth and justice will always prevail.”

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