11 Korean Stars With Unique Certifications

There are a ton of different certificates and licenses in the world. Some people obtain them for their careers while others get them to enjoy a hobby in a more professional capacity.

Korean stars are no exception. Some celebs earned certificates prior to debuting while others worked on them in their free time. Check out some stars with unique licenses below!

1. MAMAMOO’s Solar

MAMAMOO’s leader boasts three different certificates! She revealed on an episode of “My Little Television” that she as a certificate for being a recreation leader, laughter therapist, and fun leadership. Solar explained, “The classes don’t take a long time, so you can complete them in a few hours.”

2. Lee Soon Jae and Kim Sang Joong

Both actors have certificates for insurance planning. The stars actually obtained the certificates in order to star in commercials for insurance companies. In 2012, a law requiring individuals to have insurance planning certificates in order to explain insurance plans in commercials was passed. Thus, anyone who wants to become a spokesmodel for an insurance company should work on getting this license!

3. Choo Sung Hoon

Given his fierce image as a mixed martial arts athlete, one might be surprised that Choo Sung Hoon actually has a baby massage certificate. The loving dad revealed, “When Sarang was born I thought about what I could do [for her]. Then I found out about this certificate and got it after learning about it.” He strongly recommended getting the certificate and said, “If you study for the baby massage certificate you can learn a lot about children.”

4. Lee Seo Jin

The actor and variety star has a license to operate electric water leisure equipment. He obtained the license last year in order to man a boat on tvN’s “Three Meals a Day.” The show praised Lee Seo Jin for acing the written and practical exam in a short amount of time.

5. Lee Byung Hun

Following his 2012 film “I Saw the Devil,” the actor went to a coffee shop with an acquaintance during his break and randomly got certified as a barista. Lee Byung Hun now brews his morning coffee himself and makes sure to take his coffee in a tumbler if he goes out.

6. Girl’s Day’s Minah

The singer is known as the first female idol to have a license to operate heavy machinery. After getting cast in a 2014 house-building variety show, she got an excavator license. Thus, Minah was able to use her skills to help build homes on the show.

7. Min Jin Woong

The actor was a studious student and ranked first in his high school. He managed to get a nurse’s aid certificate in a mere six weeks. Min Jin Woong explained that he switched his major a few times and decided to get a nurse’s aid certificate upon his mother’s recommendation.

8. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

Kwon Yuri is known for her swimming and athletic abilities. The singer and actress has a scuba diving certificate. She further impressed viewers with her swimming in SBS’s “Law of the Jungle.”

9. Oh Nami

The comedienne also holds three licenses: water lifesaving, seed technician, and hairstylist. Oh Nami revealed that she renews her water lifesaving certificate every two years. Prior to debuting as a comedian, she went to a hairdressing academy and got a hairstylist certificate. As for her other license, she is certified to research seeds.

10. Seo Ye Ji

The actress revealed that she got a certified to teach sex education because she wishes to have a lot of children and wants to teach them sex ed properly. In addition to this, Seo Ye Ji has eight other certificates including ones for balloon art and origami.

11. Park Ha Sun

Having practiced flying yoga for three to four hours at a time in between projects, the actress obtained a certificate after building up experience. She revealed that she went to India to learn and got an international license for it.

Which certificates surprised and interested you the most?

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